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If you’re just getting started, check out the Getting Started notes first. If you have questions, you will likely find an answer in our thorough online documentation. For everything else, our Reseller Partners and their dealers are eager to help. They are your first line of support both for both Sales and Technical issues. They have the experience necessary to understand your document generation requirements and to recommend and implement the best possible DocOrigin solution. For technical support, inquiries and pricing, please contact the Reseller nearest you.

PaneTalk Blog

From time-to-time, a DocOrigin developer will add an article to our PaneTalk blog. This blog contains short articles on some nuts-and-bolts issues about DocOrigin, and offers valuable information for anyone developing or supporting a DocOrigin installation.


Our Distributors– Your First Line of Support

North America

Eclipse Corporation

Eclipse Corporation

Cape Coral, Florida

Tel: +1 678 408 1245



Boston, Massachusetts

Tel: +1 617 475 1636



Simi Valley, California, USA

Tel: +1 530 541 2221


Oberon Service Srl

Oberon Service Srl

Milan Italy

Tel: +39 02 84 800 612



Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 678 3417

Asseco PST

Asseco PST

Lisboa, Portugal

Tel: +351 291 002 600
Fax: +351 291 002 603

Constraste Europe

Constraste Europe

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels: Tel. +32 (0)2 730 79 80
Luxembourg: Tel. + 352 262 012 97
Apto Solutions

Apto Solutions

Bristol, UK

Tel: +44 845 226 3351
Fax: +44 845 226 3352


Eclipse is searching for a partners in Australia and the Pacific Rim.

For product and pricing info send request to Info@EclipseCorp.US

Existing DocOrigin customers: please contact Eclipse at Support@EclipseCorp.US or Info@EclipseCorp.US

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

If your company is interested in reselling DocOrigin in European, Middle Eastern or African nations, Eclipse is seeking partners!

For product and pricing info send request to info@EclipseCorp.US

Existing DocOrigin customers: please contact Eclipse at Support@EclipseCorp.US or Info@EclipseCorp.US

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DocOrigin is an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents, forms and labels. Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin handles your business-critical requirements quickly, easily, and affordably. What’s more, DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data generated by older legacy systems, modern enterprise and customer management systems, and other line‐of‐business applications to create and generate affordable, high-value documents. With DocOrigin you save money, build value and increase your return on investment in documents, technology and people.