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DocOrigin Merge – One Run, Many Outputs

Data-Driven • PDF, PCL, HTML • Flexible Data Formats

DocOrigin Merge is the heart of the DocOrigin product. Merge combines user data with document templates (forms) to generate various output documents. Merge features a wide variety of input data options and output format choices. It embodies a powerful JavaScript engine with an extensive set of integration features that enable access to all aspects of the template, data, and document.

Merge is a multi-platform program, available on Windows, Linux, AIX® and IBM i. Templates and data streams are completely inter-operable between platforms to allow optimal configuration of the final system. Contact your distributor for details.

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“DocOrigin allowed us to be able to eliminate several different custom programming software programs as well as eliminating three different mailing solutions that were integrated with these custom packages. We could actually integrate our systems down to one processing software along with one mailing software.”

Kenny Burger
IT Manager, Mele Printing

PDF, PCL, HTML and More

Merge provides several specialized output choices, each optimized and tuned to the task of quickly producing your document output. A variety of special settings allow superior performance of these outputs with the specified output devices.

  • PCL – This is the workhorse of printer output, typically the fastest printed output. PCL offers a variety of options and control features, such as paper size, orientation, printer resolution, number of copies and duplexing. DocOrigin Merge can download truetype fonts into a printer on-the-fly, with options to download only the subset of characters present in the document.
  • PDF – DocOrigin Merge contains a custom PDF output system specially adapted to the generation of dynamic documents, with the fastest PDF generation in the industry.
  • Capability for selective embedding of font subsets, as required.
  • Full Unicode character support.
  • Optional bookmarking when generating a single multi-document PDF file.
  • Encryption with full password protection, if needed.
  • HTML – DocOrigin Merge includes the capability to generate standard HTML4/5 output documents. These documents can be static or fillable by the end user. Our HTML interface includes the ability to utilize most dynamic input features of HTML, such as text input, buttons, choice lists, checkboxes, and so on. Data can be easily posted to your web server for further processing. A unique feature of the DocOrigin HTML output is that all necessary files, htm, images and stylesheets, are embedded into a single HTML file. All pages of a document are present in that single file, with convenient tabs across the top to navigate between pages. This results in a greatly simplified deployment on your server.
  • Postscript
  • Zebra ZPL – DocOrigin Merge includes custom drivers to generate the ZPL language used by all Zebra Label printers.
  • Generic Windows output (on Windows platform only)

One Run, Many Outputs

With DocOrigin, you can design a document that creates multiple outputs from a single run, for example:

  • Send the same document to multiple printers.
  • Create both printer and PDF output at the same time.
  • Create a series of individual PDF documents at the same time as a single, combined, archivable document is generated.

DocOrigin Merge is data-driven. The content of the data stream dictates the template elements – tables, repeated sections, and pages – that appear in the output stream. Merge handles this without requiring special codes or commands in that data stream. With DocOrigin, there is a clear separation of the data from the templates, simplifying integration and future modifications. Merge runs through a series of major steps in this process, each of which offers opportunities for custom JavaScript intervention to provide unique formatting, calculations, or dynamic output distribution control.

Flexible Data Formats

At its core, DocOrigin handles data using industry-standard XML. But it doesn’t stop there. DocOrigin Merge also provides a variety of options to read comma/tab delimited data, fixed-column data, JetForm “.dat” files and more. A set of features called “filters” can be invoked to convert data as it is passed to Merge. DocOrigin FilterEditor enables you to develop custom filters to convert classic overlay print files. Or, you can create your own custom filter process using the DocOrigin optimized JavaScript engine.

Optimized JavaScript Engine

DocOrigin components, including Merge, use an integrated JavaScript system to enable additional business logic and custom control of every aspect of the document generation process. Although not required for most day-to-day document generation needs, script is available when your special requirements dictate it. DocOrigin Merge features a unique script optimization feature that enables most standard JavaScript to execute hundreds of times faster than typical industry-standard script engines.

Email Output

DocOrigin components, including Merge, all contain a JavaScript interface to your email portal as a standard feature. Use Merge to create documents, invoices, statements that can be emailed to customers or clients quickly and effectively in a single operation. The DocOrigin email system uses a standard SMTP interface to your mail server..


DocOrigin Merge supports a wide variety of industry standard barcode symbologies embedded right inside the product. Symbologies include UPC-A, EAN13, Code39, 2of5, Code128, Datamatrix, QRcode, PDF417. Merge also generates the new USPS Intelligent Mail barcode, as well as the Australia Post Barcode. All are configurable with a variety of settings to ensure high-quality, readable barcodes.

Custom Zebra print drivers allow you to drive your Zebra printer at production speeds.

Charts and Graphs

DocOrigin Merge can create high quality Barcharts, Pie Charts, and Line Graphs from customer data, when required including 3-D barcharts. Merge embeds these charts inside documents using the standard high-quality text and drawing features of DocOrigin. All text is then rendered using the same scalable truetype fonts used throughout the product. A large set of options is available to set color, font, sizes, and styles of the various components of the chart, easily and effectively.

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DocOrigin is an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents, forms and labels. Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin handles your business-critical requirements quickly, easily, and affordably. What’s more, DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data generated by older legacy systems, modern enterprise and customer management systems, and other line‐of‐business applications to create and generate affordable, high-value documents. With DocOrigin you save money, build value and increase your return on investment in documents, technology and people.