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DocOrigin Design


DocOrigin Design is a Windows application used to create the document templates (forms, fillable forms, checks, labels, reports) used by Merge. Design features an easy-to-use GUI interface, quick and easy PDF or HTML preview capability, and all the tools necessary to create perfect document templates. A single DocOrigin template can be used to produce printed output to the most popular desktop and production printers as well as electronic presentation in HTML, HTML Fillable, PDF, PDF/UA, PDF/A-3, PCL and PS.
DocOrigin Merge


DocOrigin Merge is the core document output engine within the DocOrigin product. It combines document templates with data streams to produce high-quality output documents to printers, PDF or HTML. Merge is an enterprise class software product with the reliability, performance and features to meet the needs of the world’s largest companies.
Folder Monitor

Folder Monitor

DocOrigin FolderMonitor sits between your applications and the printing or output generation processes. This easy-to-use component actively monitors one or more folders for incoming jobs. DocOrigin FolderMonitor features full DocOrigin scripting capability to process the data and interface to DocOrigin Merge, email, or any other application you choose.
Filter Editor

Filter Editor

DocOrigin FilterEditor is a design tool that enables you to visually map legacy output data streams to DocOrigin Merge. This Windows application enables you to quickly identify elements of data within a data stream and turn them into an XML data stream suitable for Merge processing.

DocOrigin is designed to ensure customers can address the generation of documents that originate from existing legacy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other line-of-business applications. Many documents originating from these applications are often unformatted, hard to read, and monospaced, making a less than perfect impact on customer communications. DocOrigin eliminates the confusion and creates documents that are clean and professional every time.

DocOrigin is an application-based, batch processing solution, coupled with a sophisticated template design component, that has revolutionized the delivery of mass document output.

Effectively reaching across various industries, such as financial institutions, public sector organizations, and manufacturers, DocOrigin creates output for volumes of documents and forms critical to the overall business process. DocOrigin will deliver high-quality documents such as invoices, shipping, packing slips, purchase orders, statements, and checks, all of which previously required the use of pre-printed stationery to provide professional documents. DocOrigin eliminates the use of pre-printed stationery and strengthens your corporate identity with crisp, professional images that are easily reproduced.

DocOrigin enables you to reach out to your customers in new and effective ways. For example, you can automate your statement generation process, include embedded bar charts or graphs, and email them to your customers. Or, create documents as HTML pages that can be viewed on any browser. Another option is to produce “fillable” documents that allow your customers to feed information back to you in an effective manner.

“Food distribution to our 140 member agencies is vital. When our online order system, FoodNet, began to prove challenging with agencies using a variety of browsers, DocOrigin stepped in to provide an HTML-based solution that reached our entire client base.

Given DocOrigin’s flexible architecture, our current data streams could be used as is, and gathered data was readily saved in our desired processing formats. Support was provided every step of the way, from form creation to integration with current server processing. Our member agency coordinators now have a much better sense of comfort and knowledge in using the system and feel more in control.”

Gary McCarthy
Ottawa Food Bank

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DocOrigin is an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents, forms and labels. Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin handles your business-critical requirements quickly, easily, and affordably. What’s more, DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data generated by older legacy systems, modern enterprise and customer management systems, and other line‐of‐business applications to create and generate affordable, high-value documents. With DocOrigin you save money, build value and increase your return on investment in documents, technology and people.