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DocOrigin – Migration from Adobe/JetForm

Comprehensive set of migration tools and strategies 

DocOrigin has been developed by the same people who were instrumental in the creation of the Adobe/JetForm Central products. We know, perhaps better than anyone else, the complexities of that product. Our history and expertise has resulted in a comprehensive set of migration tools and strategies aimed at providing replacement technology for your implementation.
Load XDP into DocOrigin
DocOrigin Design can open Adobe Designer XDP files and Adobe/JetForm IFD files directly and save them as DocOrigin XATW template files.
Adobe Central IFDs
DocOrigin makes available a set of tools to automatically convert IFD files to DocOrigin templates quickly and efficiently.

Some touch-up of the automated conversion results may be required. This effort will vary from a few minutes to a few hours, based on the complexity of the original form.

Data Files

Files in field-nominated format, .DAT, or .FNF are recognized by DocOrigin and automatically converted to well-formed XML that matches your template. Proper template and data merging is assured.

Conversion Due Diligence
It is typical to undertake a due diligence process when contemplating migration from one product to another, especially when proprietary assets are involved, as they are with Adobe/JetForm products. The due diligence process ensures that both the customer and the new vendor are cognizant of the restrictions and risks in the use or handling of proprietary assets.

The DocOrigin team and our distributors can assist you in navigating through the due diligence process, and in organizing, managing and conducting your migration effort.

One Form at a Time

One of the greatest challenges for many customers is the process of migrating from “old” to “new.” We can help you manage that change. Our representatives can show you how to migrate to DocOrigin on a template-by-template basis. You can have your current system and DocOrigin both running productively, and once all your templates are migrated, you can “pull the plug” on the old system. In the event that an issue escapes your testing process, the template can be quickly reverted to its old method of processing. You can expect a smooth transition, with little or no disruption to your critical document generation processes.

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DocOrigin is an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents, forms and labels. Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin handles your business-critical requirements quickly, easily, and affordably. What’s more, DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data generated by older legacy systems, modern enterprise and customer management systems, and other line‐of‐business applications to create and generate affordable, high-value documents. With DocOrigin you save money, build value and increase your return on investment in documents, technology and people.