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From time-to-time, a DocOrigin developer will add an article to our PaneTalk blog. This blog contains short articles on some nuts-and-bolts issues about DocOrigin, and offers valuable information for anyone developing or supporting a DocOrigin installation.


Our Distributors - Your First Line of Support

DocOrigin products are sold exclusively through our Distribution Partners listed below, and their dealers. They are your first line of support both for both Sales and Technical issues. They have the experience necessary to understand your document generation requirements and to recommend and implement the best possible DocOrigin solution. For technical support, inquiries and pricing, please contact the Distributor nearest you.

North America

Eclipse Corporation
Cape Coral, FL, USA
Tel: +1 678 408 1245
Fax: +1 800 719 7790

Boston, MA, USA
Tel: +1 888 347 2261

Simi Valley CA, USA
Tel: +1 (530)541-2221


  Rolf Andersson
Dataconsult AB

(Bold Alliance)
Solna, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)70 341 63 05

  TagNile Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Tel: 040-900 5412

Tel: +33 951728549

  Oberon Service Srl
Milan Italy
Tel: +39 02 84 800 612

Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: +351 291 002 600
Fax: +351 291 002 603

  Apto Solutions
Bristol, UK
Tel: +44 845 226 3351
Fax: +44 845 226 3352

Lviv, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (032) 260 1839


Eclipse is searching for a partner in Australia. Please send interests to

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