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OF Software Ltd. is a privately held Canadian corporation headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Our forte and our focus is the development of the very best technology for the creation and generation of dynamic, high quality business documents. Our team has a history in the document generation business dating back to JetForm Corporation (purchased by Adobe Systems Inc. in 2002) in the mid-1980s through the early 2000s. We were the key architects and contributors to the development of those early Design, Central and Central Pro products.

As a group of former colleagues, we banded together as OF Software Ltd. in 2007, applying our experience and technical expertise in document technology to create DocOrigin. Our objective is to utilize today's technologies to develop a robust template design and document rendering product that exceeds our customers' expectations. Our continuing commitments are to exceptional customer service, support and training.

This is not just our primary business, this is our only business. All of our focus and energies are behind providing the best document and forms technologies. This technology requires stability. It must continue to work for decades. Looking after the needs of our customers is foremost in our minds. This is and will continue to be the prime motivation behind all of our decisions moving forward. We believe in integration not re-inventing the wheel. We believe that fitting in with other technologies is not only good for our customers but helps ensure a lasting place for our product.

“ We believe that businesses are looking to build lasting relationships with organizations that can provide a path forward. We endeavour to deliver the highest quality products and excellent customer service, support and training. We are committed to incorporating innovative and advanced capabilities into our products to ensure our customers can succeed in their own business objectives, today and into the future.”

Wayne Hall, President

DocOrigin is owned and developed by OF Software Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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