DocOrigin has a built-in capability to generate a variety of barcharts, piecharts, and line graphs. Charting is built into the DocOrigin Merge tool and available in all output formats - PDF and HTML as well as PCL, Postscript, and Windows printers.

DocOrigin charts are created using all the same high-quality graphical elements used elsewhere in the product, including standard truetype fonts. Unlike some packages which render only bitmapped images, DocOrigin charting uses standard scalable graphics and text, ensuring you the best possible rendering on all devices.

Over 30 optional settings control all aspects of the chart layout, from font typefaces and sizes, to spacing of various components, to Legend and annotation options.


Barcharts can use either horizontal or vertical bars. You can display multiple data sets together, either as a series of individual bars or as a stacked, single bar. Legends are optional. Scales on the left or bottom of the chart can be automatically determined or explicitly defined. 3D-effects can be added.

Line Graphs

DocOrigin supports line graphs of single or multiple data sets. Optionally the first data set can be represented as bars to create a mixed bar/line chart with full control over color and linestyles.

Pie Charts

Piecharts are created from a single data set. Selected pie slices can be "Featured" by offsetting them from the center of the chart. Optionally, pie slices can be labelled with data values or percentages. 3D-effect provides additional visual appeal.

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